About us

To design, engineer, manufacture and supply a range of computer products and accessories that push the boundaries of form, function, quality and value.

Streacom was founded in 2010 and together with Wesena, form an elite team of experts in design, engineering, manufacturing, and distribution. All of the key individuals within our company have amassed many years of experience within the industry and understand every aspect of the business. With this experience comes the ability to deliver products that are in a class of their own.

With a truly multinational team, we have the perfect balance of European design, Asian manufacturing and Global sales channels. This mix of influences also give us the ability to think outside of the box, pushing the design envelope, finding new and innovative solutions for our products and manufacturing processes.

Products & Services
Our current range of products include, active and passive cooled chassis, valve amplifiers, embedded home entertainment solutions, and other complimentary computer accessories. All consumer retail products are now sold globally under the Streacom brand, with the Wesena brand being phased out and reserved for b2b applications. We offer a range of OEM/ODM services to system integrators and other businesses, with a complete ‘concept to delivered product’ solution. For all chassis related retail and OEM/ODM inquiries contact Streacom, and for all other types of manufacturing inquiry (non chassis), contact Wesena.



Hvis vi tager ideen i hovedet, er den jo genial, og Streacom har med Nano150 lavet den perfekte makker til deres SFF-kabinetter, hvor der ikke er plads til interne strømforsyninge – read the full review

Nano150 – Tweak.dk – 8th November 2013

FC5 EVO hører til helt i toppen, når vi snakker byggekvalitet. Der er her tale om et kabinet udført i lækker aluminium, som ud over at se godt ud, også bidrager til konceptet med passiv køling af CPU’en…. – read the full review

FC5WS Evo – Tweak.dk – 7th November 2013

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this case is the fantastic build quality.The aluminium construction is extremely solid and is on a much higher level than the vast majority of cases on the market …. – read the full review

FC5 OD – Kit Guru – 7th October 2013

Como hemos comentado la caja está construida íntegramente en aluminio. La calidad y los acabados de la caja son impecables y ha este respecto es imposible sacarle algún pero. – read the full review

F1C Evo – Todo HTPC Review – 28th August 2013